The Dark Cellars Project is an open, collaborative association of oppositional artists, graphic agitators, renegade marketers and culture jammers more generally. Currently numbering more than fifty, we welcome new volunteer collaborators to submit their art, images, photos, posters, anti-ads, etc. for consideration in our forthcoming book and exhibition. Please read the guidelines below and be in contact if you would like to discuss ideas for new culture jamming projects. We have a range of concepts to discuss and develop with collaborators, depending on each individual’s interests, passions, and skill sets.

Please note, the Dark Cellars are a network of volunteers. Thank you in advance for your generosity. Contributing to this project means you are granting permission for us to use the digital version in any format, including print, but any physical form of the work you produce remains yours (unless otherwise agreed). If any of your work ends up being included in the book or exhibition, you will receive a complementary digital copy of the book, with the most outstanding twenty contributors receiving a hard-copy when it is published. While full acknowledgement of all contributors will be made, contributors will not be paid for contributions.

You are of course free to use your own work however you wish – jam culture in every way you can! Most of the images will be freely available for use on a Creative Commons basis, but please seek permission from the artist first as Creative Commons usage is at the discretion of each individual artist. Which submissions are accepted for the book and exhibition is at the discretion of the curator, Samuel Alexander.

By submitting your work to the Dark Cellars Project you accept that your work may be used or adapted in any way for the book, for the exhibition, on this website, in print, or elsewhere. Any financial proceeds that flow from the book, the exhibition, this website, prints, or any other form will go towards funding new Simplicity Institute projects in the future. In short, this in a not-for-profit project.

By submitting your work to the Dark Cellars Project you are agreeing to these terms. This all sounds overly formal but we feel it is important to be clear from the outset. Now… let’s create.

If you want to make contact please leave a comment here.